General Player Information

Refer to this page often for important information and helpful tips specifically related to our players.

Levels of Play: Find information on each level of play offered through WYB. Refer to the menu on the left for information.

Approved Bats: Organizations frequently updates the approved bats list. 2018 Approved JBO Bat is USSSA 1.15 BPF. Follow these links to access great information and a full list of approved bats, exact rule is determined by the level and category of play: Junior Baseball Organization

Player Equipment: All players must wear a protective cup. Each player should have their own glove, bat and helmet.We do not recommend sharing batting helmets but will have a small supply available for the Recreation Levels of Play.

Uniforms: WYB will provide jersey and hat for Recreation Level. Player pack website will allow players to correctly identify their correct size and also purchase Nike grey pants and the correct color of belt, socks and hoodie on a single checkout. Cleats are highly recommended but not required at all levels; some players prefer the feel of soccer cleats versus baseball cleats and this is a player's choice.

WYB will provide hat for Competitive Level Player. Each registered player will purchase Nike Jersey directly from Gear Up. Player pack website will allow player to correctly identify their size, select their jersey number and purchase Nike white game pants as well as the correct team color for socks, belt and hoodie on a single checkout.